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The Adventures
Frodo Gardner

The deeds and letters of Sam Gamgee's eldest son.

  Part 0: BEHOLD! A Reader's Appreciation Page!
(Last updated on 2/6/09)

  Part 00: Introduction (Mainly for the True Geeks among us)

Part 1: A Night at the Gamgee's
  Part 2: The King's Messenger
  Part 3: Breakfast with Mama Gamgee
  Part 4: On the Road
  Part 5: Brandy Hall
  Part 6: A Meeting in the Night
  Part 7: A Borrowed Face
  Part 8: Reunion at the Prancing Pony
  Part 9: The Business of Departure
  Part 10: Off the Road
  Part 11: Warrior's Drill
  Part 12: Travel-Notes
  Part 13: Swords in the Dark
  Part 14: Blood-Loss
  Part 15: He Owed Them an Explanation...
  Part 16: The Chamber of Aule
  Part 17: Friends and Captors
  Part 18: Confrontations
  Part 19: Mad
  Part 20: Gimli's Arrangements
  Part 21: Frodo's Birthday
  Part 22: 'Twas a Dark and Stormy Day...
  Part 23: Chill
  Part 24: The Mystery of May
  Part 25: On the Road to Treegarth
  Part 26: The Dwarvish Healers
  Part 27: The Healing of Legolas
  Part 28: A Message From Gandalf
  Part 29: On the Origin of Hobbits
  Part 30: Life Goes On

Part 31: The Road to Edoras
  Part 32: Edoras
  Part 33: The Hospitality of the Golden Hall
  Part 34: Independence
  Part 35: Traveling To Minas Tirith
  Part 36: Billie-Lass
  Part 37: In Memory of a Friend
  Part 38: Minas Tirith by Night
  Part 39: Dinner with the King
  Part 40: The Council of Gondor
  Part 41: Lunch Upon a Wall
  Part 42: The Light Across the Sea
  Part 43: Back to the Waking World
  Part 44: Shepherds on the Eastern Road
  Part 45: The Logistics of Love
  Part 46: Osgiliath
  Part 47: Of Bergil's Past
  Part 48: On the Ruins of a Road
  Part 49: Contested Land
  Part 50: Mattie Heathertoes
  Part 51: Sam's Reply
  Part 52: Hot Water
  Part 53: Memories, Dreams, and Visions
  Part 54: The Water Sprite
  Part 55: Shreds, Bones, and Scattered Petals
  Part 56: Tactics of the Powerless
  Part 57: The View Through The Lens
  Part 58: Mystic Mud
  Part 59: Yule in the Ephel Duath
  Part 60: A New Year in Mordor
  Part 61: Mordor Hospitality
  Part 62: Nurnen Bound
  Part 63: Good Intentions
  Part 64: The Ship Leech
  Part 65: A Funeral on the Backwards River
  Part 66: Little Acts of Courage
  Part 67: As Darkness Falls
  Part 68: Passing Through Midnight
  Part 69: The Mission
  Part 70: Fishenchips
  Part 71: Goodbyes

Part 72: Welcome to Seaside
  Part 73: A Servant's Hardest Duty
  Part 74: At Home in Mordor
  Part 75: A Night for Mares
  Part 76: Chickens and Other Living Things
  Part 77: A Letter from Mordor
  Part 78: Ship's In
  Part 79: A Letter from Home
  Part 80: Chambers of Winter Sun
  Part 81: Cat and Mouse
  Part 82: Medical Necessities
  Part 83: A Feminine Voice
  Part 84: Stumbling and Fumbling
  Part 85: Farewell to the Messenger
  Part 86: From the Deeps
  Part 87: More Precious than Gold
  Part 88: The Herbwife
  Part 89: Of Matters Seen and Unseen
  Part 90: The Lore of Elenaril
  Part 91: Letter With Pressed Flowers
  Part 92: Sourfruits
  Part 93: Spring Comes Early in Nurn
  Part 94: Number 3462
  Part 95: The Dance of Seeds
  Part 96: First Planting
  Part 97: From Son to Father

Part 98: Dragon-Song and Lightning
  Part 99: Company For Dinner
  Part 100: A Trip to the Beach
  Part 101: Dragon-Spawn
  Part 102: The Wages of Victory
  Part 103: Endings and Beginnings
  Part 104: Best Hobbit
  Part 105: Visions of Dragon's Blood
  Part 106: The Honorable Thing
  Part 107: Choices
  Part 108: Waiting for the Withy-Wands
  Part 109: Into the Withy-Dome
  Part 110: Sweating Blood
  Part 111: Responsibility to Irresponsibility
  Part 112: The Quest for the Way Home
  Part 113: The Mourning After
  Part 114: A Wedding in the Land of Shadow
  Part 115: First Sprouts
  Part 116: Back Among Friends
  Part 117: Vigil With Invalids
  Part 118: Running in the Dark
  Part 119: The Lost Ones
  Part 120: Prickly Situations
  Part 121: The Generosity of Sam Gamgee
  Part 122: Time, Chaos, and Opportunity
  Part 123: Writing by the Fireside
  Part 124: Dirty Work
  Part 125: Drifting
  Part 126: Yet Another Funeral
  Part 127: Sleepless in Seaside
  Part 128: Faces Familiar and Unfamiliar
  Part 129: To Sleep, To Dream...
  Part 130: The Family of Death
  Part 131: Magical Madness
  Part 132: The Blue Dragon
  Part 133: Scar
  Part 134: Truth in Clay
  Part 135: Writing Home Again
  Part 136: A Meeting on the Outskirts of Town
  Part 137: Lanethil
  Part 138: Transitions
  Part 139: Friends in Odd Places
  Part 140: By the Light of Earendil
  Part 141: A Drop of Rain


  Part 142: The Cargo from Ithilien
  Part 143: Various Points of View
  Part 144: The Messenger's Gift
  Part 145: Sauron's Dream
  Part 146: In Poppy Fields
  Part 147: On the Nightmare Side
  Part 148: Friends of the Family
  Part 149: The Healer's Apprentice
  Part 150: Days of Drought
  Part 151: Visitors from Afar
  Part 152: A Letter from The Took
  Part 153: Hands of a Healer
  Part 154: Rainy Day
  Part 155: Sam's Tales and Opinions
  Part 156: A Healing Tested
  Part 157: The Story of Date
  Part 158: The Power of the King
  Part 159: The King's Departure
  Part 160: Threads in a Tapestry
  Part 161: The Justice of Mayor Aloe
  Part 162: Family and the Old Forest
  Part 163: The Musings of a Fallen Tyrant
  Part 164: Hardships, Hopes, and Spices
  Part 165: The Smith's Other Art
  Part 166: Truths and Consequences
  Part 167: An "Uncle's" Report
  Part 168: Pippin's Ship
  Part 169: Sam and his Opinions
  Part 170: The Beggar at the Door
  Part 171: A Change of Plan
  Part 172: Writing at Sea
  Part 173: Traveling Upstream
  Part 174: The Shipshape Stable
  Part 175: A Whiff of Sulphur
  Part 176: The Weave of History
  Part 177: Escape from Riverborn
  Part 178: The Cave
  Part 179: Goodly Beasts and True
  Part 180: Shared Burdens
  Part 181: Realization
  Part 182: The Hunt
  Part 183: The Bond
  Part 184: The Entwife's Tale

Part 185: Honeymoon
  Part 186: The Unhistoried Ones
  Part 187: The Four Sisters
  Part 188: A Letter from the Groom
  Part 189: The Visitors
  Part 190: Questions of Sanity
  Part 191: The Healer Unhealed
  Part 192: Starry Night
  Part 193: Tender Loving Care
  Part 194: Old Faces, Old Friends, and Others
  Part 195: When Dreams Come True
  Part 196: Things Remembered and Forgotten
  Part 197: Mama and Papa
  Part 198: The Last of the Letter
  Part 199: The Education of Nibs Cotton
  Part 200: Two Young Fellows
  Part 201: What Lies in Earth
  Part 202: Remembering Uncle Nibs
  Part 203: A Reunion, of Sorts
  Part 204: Elenaril's Birthday
  Part 205: Poison Love
  Part 206: A Day in a Hobbit's Life
  Part 207: Gossip from Nibs
  Part 208: Conversation Over Tea
  Part 209: The Kaktush Wine Festival
  Part 210: So Long as the Flower Dress Bright...


  Part 211: Another Lesson for Uncle Nibs
  Part 212: Remembrance, Healing...and Something Else
  Part 213: The Palantirs
  Part 214: Matthilda The Nimble
  Part 215: The Unmourned
  Part 216: Serpent's Tongue
  Part 217: Harding's Party
  Part 218: The Counselor Who Remains
  Part 219: The Thunderstorm
  Part 220: Desert Summer Tales
  Part 221: A Different Kind of Storm
  Part 222: Lanethil in Trouble
  Part 223: A Visit to the House of Healing
  Part 224: Reports from the Gardner Family
  Part 225: The Rest of the Letter
  Part 226: Confrontation with Lebadoc
  Part 227: Free at Last
  Part 228: Nightmare
  Part 229: Memories in the Dark
  Part 230: Riddles in the Well
  Part 231: Safe Haven
  Part 232: Changing the Plan
  Part 233: The World Beyond Squatting Rock
  Part 234: Roots
  Part 235: Down in the Ravine
  Part 236: Pages in the Flower Press
  Part 237: The Thirsty and the Hungry
  Part 238: Seregril Suldae
  Part 239: After the Dark of the Moon
  Part 240: The Iingolug-Hai
  Part 241: The Glass of May
  Part 242: Yavanna of the Swamps
  Part 243: Another to Consider
  Part 244: Three Steps to a Decision
  Part 245: Travels with Seregril

  Part 246: Burn
  Part 247: Reunion
  Part 248: Of Death and Birth
  Part 249: Brown Twilight
  Part 250: The Snapped Thread
  Part 251: Arrest
  Part 252: Back Among the Living
  Part 253: The Old Road
  Part 254: A Prisoner of the King
  Part 255: The King's Judgment
  Part 256: The House of Mardil
  Part 257: Mattie's Dream
  Part 258: The Summons
  Part 259: Boromir's Adventure
  Part 260: The New Old Morannon Road
  Part 261: Old Battle Axe
  Part 262: The Barren Lands
  Part 263: The Poros Canal
  Part 264: Secrets of the Earth
  Part 265: What Caught the Boy's Attention
  Part 266: In the Hidden Place
  Part 267: Reflections in an Opaque Pool
  Part 268: Good Memories and Bad
  Part 269: A Voyage to Seaside
  Part 270: Homecoming
  Part 271: The Wound in the Land
  Part 272: Bergil
  Part 273: Faithful Friends
  Part 274: The News from Uncle Nibs
  Part 275: A Conference Unseen
  Part 276: Ruby and the Letters
  Part 277: Gorgoroth
  Part 278: Letters Over Years
  Part 279: Confrontation with the King
  Part 280: Son of the Shire
  Part 281: May of the Old Forest
  Part 282: Passing On the Gift

Image © Dolores J. Nurss.

Even as Gandalf said, Sauron has been reduced
to a powerless spirit endlessly gnawing at itself.
Not dead, not banished, simply powerless.
However, if he can persuade you to loan him
just a little power of your own...

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